NOTE: This is an online video service. This is not a DVD

CVP500 Discovery Guide

  • Over 4 HOURS of HD video content
  • Beginner through advanced topics
  • Step-by-step tutorials
  • Multi-camera, close-up procedures
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Announcing the long-awaited Discovery Guide for the CVP500 Series Clavinova! This extended library of video clips encompasses over 4 HOURS of content, and covers the Clavinova like it never has before. Plus, in the Discovery Guide video player format, you'll be able to quickly navigate and search any topic you choose, and create your own playlist for a customized viewing experience.

Note: This is an ONLINE product, not a DVD, and requires a high-speed internet connection.

Did you know?

  • You can layer sounds to create exciting new combinations
  • You can add effects to a voice to dramatically enhance it
  • You can record multiple tracks of music, just like a recording studio
  • You can record audio directly to a USB drive

In this learning experience, you'll explore these features and many more, totaling over an hour of video content. It's an excellent learning tool for Clavinova enthusiasts of all levels!

Learn By Example

Top keyboard specialists, Jason Nyberg and Tom Folenta, will guide you step by step through a series of informative feature lessons. You'll learn the benefits of the various Clavinova features, as well as a detailed procedure on how to operate those features.

The Learning Experience

Our unique video player interface allows you to select videos by chapters, searchable topics, or by creating your own custom playlist. And all of our videos are multi-camera, hi-def productions, containing loads of demonstrations and animated graphics.

Content On Demand 24/7

Having the experience online means you can watch it wherever and whenever you'd like. Plus, if you own several online products from Link-to-Learn, you'll find them easy to access right from your private account page. Wherever you go, there we are!


  • Clavinova On
  • The Demo Feature
  • Using Headphones
  • LCD Screen - Clavinova Settings at a Glance
  • LCD Buttons - Selecting Settings
  • Panel Overview - Tour of the Panel Selections
  • What is the Function Button
  • Using the Function Button - Part 1
  • Using the Function Button - Part 2
  • The Display - 1. Pages
  • The Display - 2. Folders and Tabs
  • What is Direct Access and How To Use


  • Voice Control - Selecting Voices
  • Page, Demos, and Info
  • The Piano Button - Piano Reset
  • What is Dual Voice Mode
  • Setting Up Dual Voice Mode
  • What is Split Voice Mode
  • Setting Up Setting Voice Mode
  • What are Super Articulation Voices
  • How To Move the Split Point
  • What is Transposer and How To Use
  • Touch Sensitivity Part 1
  • Touch Sensitivity Part 2
  • Voice Set Function Part 1 - Volume & Octave
  • Voice Set Function Part 2 - Mono/Poly and Portamento


  • Style Control - Exploring the Style Feature
  • Selecting Styles
  • Style Sections - The Complete Form of a Song
  • What is Tap Tempo and How To Use
  • What is Sync Start and How To Use
  • What are Chord Fingering Modes
  • What is Single Finger Mode and How To Use
  • More on Single Finger Mode and How To Use
  • What is Multi-Finger Mode and How To Use
  • What is Full Keyboard Mode and How To Use
  • What is Fingered Bass Mode and How To Use
  • Style Creator - Altering an Existing Style
  • Style Creator - New Style Part 1
  • Style Creator - New Style Part 2
  • Style Creator - New Style Part 3
  • What is Repertoire and How To Use
  • What Are Free Play Styles
  • What Are Pianist Styles


  • Song Control - Playing the Internal Songs
  • Lyric Feature - Sing Along to the Lyrics
  • Score Feature Part 1 - Basic Operation
  • Score Feature Part 2 - Setup
  • What is USB Song and How To Use
  • What is Auto Revoice and how to use
  • What is Chord Tutor and how to use
  • Guide Feature - Follow the Lights
  • More Guide Mode Settings
  • What is the Metronome
  • More Metronome Features
  • What is Phrase Repeat and how to use


  • Quick Record - Recording as Easy as 1-2-3
  • Song Save - Save and Name Your Recorded Songs
  • USB Recording - An audio recording of your performance
  • How To Make A Multi-Track Recording
  • What is Punch In/Out and how to use
  • What is Quantizing and how to use
  • How To Fix a Wrong Note In Your Recording
  • What is Performance Assistant (P.A.T.) and how to use
  • What is the Harmony Feature
  • Harmony Demos and How To Set Up
  • More Harmony Types


  • One Touch Settings - The Best Voice and Style Combinations
  • Music Finder Intro - Part 1
  • Music Finder Intro - Part 2
  • How To Search Music Finder
  • Best Songs Ever list in Music Finder
  • What is Registration Memory and how to use
  • What are Registration Banks and How To Use
  • What is Registration Sequence and how to use
  • What is Freeze and How To Use


  • What is Chorus and Chorus Type
  • The Mixing Console Part 1 - Intro
  • The Mixing Console Part 2 - Panning
  • The Mixing Console Part 3 - Changing Voices
  • The Mixing Console - Tune Page
  • What is DSP and how to use


  • The Mic Talk Setting Part 1
  • The Mic Talk Setting Part 2 - More Features