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Link-To-Learn Music is a new company born out of a vision to see the first-time player learn about music as well as operate their instrument. Whether you're trying to learn about chords, or just trying to learn how to operate your keyboard, this is the place!



Our staff includes industry veterans and professional musicians with a lifetime of experience who want to see you succeed at your dream of playing music. We also have the input of educators, entreprenuers, and musical experts to help make Link-to-Learn the strongest learning experience on the web.


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We offer high-end online educational services designed for the beginner musician. Using the latest web technology, hi-def video content, and interactive modules, we can teach you about playing and operating your instrument like no one else.

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Many of our products came from the suggestions of customers and music dealers. We truly want to be your learning destination, so tell us what you'd to see at Link-to-Learn, and we will take it into consideration.