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Did you know?

  • You can layer sounds to create exciting new combinations
  • You can add effects to a voice to dramatically enhance it
  • You can record multiple tracks of music, just like a recording studio
  • You can stream live music through Clavinova Radio

In this learning experience, you'll explore these features and many more, totaling over an hour of video content. It's an excellent learning tool for Clavinova enthusiasts of all levels!

Learn By Example

Let the Product Guys take you on a tour of your instrument like you've never seen it before! These industry veterans will show you how to get the most out of your Clavinova with close-up demonstrations and entertaining musical examples. Each keyboard feature is first explained in terms of its benefits and how it can enhance your musical experience. Then, you'll learn step-by-step how to operate and use that feature.

The Learning Experience

Our unique video player interface allows you to select videos by chapters, searchable topics, or by creating your own custom playlist. And all of our videos are multi-camera, hi-def productions, containing loads of demonstrations and animated graphics.

Content On Demand 24/7

Having the experience online means you can watch it wherever and whenever you'd like. Plus, if you own several online products from Link-to-Learn, you'll find them easy to access right from your private account page. Wherever you go, there we are!

  • Explore the CLP panel layout
  • Understanding the basic operations
  • Playing the demo songs
  • Selecting the voices
  • Combining two voices
  • Splitting the keyboard
  • Adding effects like Reverb and Brilliance
  • Listening to the internal songs
  • Playing songs from a USB thumb drive
  • Accessing the Clavinova Radio Service
  • Using the Metronome
  • Separate hand practicing
  • Basic recording - one track (part)
  • Recording multiple tracks (parts)
  • Editing songs
  • Saving, naming, and copying songs
  • Plus, Tempo, Voice Settings, Pedals and more!

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