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Phone: (800) 501-6434

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M-F 10-5

Closed to Honor most Federal and State holidays. Also closed, when we feel like it, not really. Just checking to see if you read the small copy.

About Link-to-Learn Music

Link-To-Learn Music is a new company born out of a vision to see the first-time player learn about music as well as operate their instrument. Our staff includes industry veterans and professional musicians with a lifetime of experience who want to see you succeed at your dream of playing music.

The Staff

Tom Folenta - President - Producer
Jason Nyberg - Vice President - Executive Director
Jason Hummel - Director Of Development
Michael Wollner - Creative Director
Eric Folenta - Media Manager
Preston Lewis - Mobile Programmer
Eric Slipsager - Assistant Programmer
Rob Terry - Video Production Manager
Ronny Schiff - Song Supervisor and Editor
Fortunato Camporeale - Step-N-Play Director
Joe Alessandro - Director - Drum & Percussion Modules
Consultants - Chris Hermanson, Dan Kessler, Mario Costabile