"Something for nothing" comes true for all new Link-to-Learn Members - Sign up and reap the benefits. See below for our initial offerings and what's coming soon.

It's good to be the king! - And that's how you will feel and be treated when you become a VIP Member. We value all of our members, but we raise the bar for our VIP's with additional value, and support commitment beyond belief. (VIP membership is a yearly membership program.)

Coming Soon

We are currently building the VIP members program. Here's just a partial list of what's in the work*:

  • Manuscript Maker Deluxe
  • L2L Magazine - 3 Times A Year
  • Keyboard Polishing Cloth
  • 12 Free Song Sheets (Sheet Music Arrangements)
  • 12 Song Sheet Accompaniments (MIDI File Backing Tracks)
  • Specials on new releases
  • Keyboard Stickers
  • L2L Bucks - $10.00

* Please note - items are subject to change without notice