Understanding how to operate the wide range of features on your instrument is the best way to insure your investment. To achieve this, you've got two options:

  1. You can hire a product specialist to come to your house and teach you how use all of amazing features, or
  2. You can hire a virtual product specialist to come to your house and teach you how use all of amazing features.

We recommend the second choice.

Our Link-To-Learn product guides take you step-by-step through the features and functions of your instrument, and are hosted by professional keyboard specialists.

You'll have a chance to go below the surface and learn about the operation of your instrument with easy-to-understand, close-up procedures, as well enjoy many musical demonstrations featuring extensive video content. These product guides are the missing manuals you need to find your true music-making potential.

While you’re mastering the features of your instrument with our product guides, you can also learn how to play it as well, with our series of online learning suites. These modules offer you an exciting, interactive learning experience on a variety of musical topics, such as “How To Play Chords,” the “Scale Studio,” “How To Play Keyboard,” and more.

We also offer suites that get you “plugged in” to the latest music technology for home keyboard enthusiasts.  There’s “Getting Connected,” that shows you how to connect your instrument to your home computer;  “MIDI for Midiots,” which explains the basics of MIDI communication, “Making an Audio Recording,” and others.