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EZ Play Today books

It doesn't get any easier than this!

In EZ Play books, each song is laid out in large, simple-to-read print, complete with a melody part for the right hand, chords symbols for the left hand, and even lyrics for the singer in you. But what's most unique about EZ Play notation is the the way the notes are presented: each note of music has the letter name written inside the note head, allowing beginners to overcome the challenge of learning the note names of the staff.

EZ Play music is a great way to play your favorite songs, as there is an enormous library of music using this format. If you're a beginner, you'll see why these books have been a best seller for decades!

Fake and Compilation books

Why are they called "fake" books if they contain real songs? The name dates back more than 50 years, when illegal compilations of popular songs were sold under the table to musicians. They contained the lyrics, chords, and eventually melody lines of famous tunes dating back to the turn of the 20th century. Today, the "fake" name is still used to identify books (now sold legally!) that contain the melody and chords of hit songs, and the genres include rock, country, jazz, Christmas, and others.

Link-to-Learn has several fake books available. To brows our collection, click here.

Video Song Books

What better way to learn a song than watching and playing along with exciting background tracks! For beginners, part of learning music is seeing and hearing the song being performed. It's amazing how much your mind can take in when you see a live performance. That's why each of the following songs offers multiple videos, including various practice and performance versions.

Link-to-Learn Music is proud to present this exclusive collection of music that brings the traditional song book to life! All you need is the access code printed on the back of the song book, and a computer with a high-speed internet connection, and you're on your way to discovering a whole new way to learn music!