Enjoy a personal tour of your keyboard! This exciting video experience explains features and functions found on these models:



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Did you know?

  • You can layer sounds to create exciting new combinations
  • You can add effects to a voice to dramatically enhance it
  • You can record multiple tracks of music, just like a recording studio

In this learning experience, you'll explore these features and many more, totaling over an hour of video content. It's an excellent learning tool for Keyboard enthusiasts of all levels!

Learn By Example

Let the Product Guys take you on a tour of your instrument like you've never seen it before! These industry veterans will show you how to get the most out of your Keyboard with close-up demonstrations and entertaining musical examples. Each keyboard feature is first explained in terms of its benefits and how it can enhance your musical experience. Then, you'll learn step-by-step how to operate and use that feature.

The Learning Experience

Our unique video player interface allows you to select videos by chapters, searchable topics, or by creating your own custom playlist. And all of our videos are multi-camera productions, containing loads of demonstrations and animated graphics.

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  • Introduction
  • Connecting the POWER and SUSTAIN PEDAL
  • Setting the MAIN VOLUME and Hearing the DEMO
  • Navigating the LCD screen and Basic Operations
  • Basic Operations Part 1 - PANEL CONTROLS
  • Basic Operations Part 2 - PRESS AND HOLD Buttons
  • Basic Operations Part 3 - The FUNCTION Button
  • Basic Operations Part 4 - KEYPAD Reset
  • Playing the PORTABLE GRAND sound
  • Practicing with the METRONOME
  • Locating and Selecting the Instrument VOICES
  • Playing the DRUM KIT and SPECIAL EFFECTS Sounds
  • Changing OCTAVE, REVERB Settings, and more
  • Layering Sounds with the DUAL MODE
  • Changing voices in the DUAL MODE
  • Splitting Your Keyboard into Two Regions with SPLIT MODE
  • Changing the SPLIT VOICE sounds
  • Changing the SPLIT LOCATION
  • Changing Keys with the TRANSPOSE Feature
  • Learning About STYLES and How to Select them
  • Setting the TAP TEMPO feature
  • Adding INTROS and ENDINGS
  • Beginning a Song with SYNC START
  • Playing the STYLE VARIATIONS
  • Playing with FINGERED CHORDS
  • Playing the internal SONGS
  • Changing the SONG TEMPO and VOLUME
  • Never Play a Wrong Note with PERFORMANCE ASSISTANT
  • Finding Song Titles in the MUSIC DATABASE
  • Learning Songs with the SONG LESSON feature
  • Learning chords with the CHORD DICTIONARY
  • Practicing phrases with A-B REPEAT
  • Adding effects like REVERB and CHORUS
  • Adding more notes with HARMONY
  • Setting up the keyboard with ONE TOUCH SETTINGS
  • Saving your settings with REGISTRATION MEMORY
  • Alter sounds with the TONE CONTROLLERS (E403/413 only)
  • Using repeating effects with the AUTO ARPEGGIATOR (E403/413 only)
  • Recording with the RECORD feature
  • Editing TRACKS in the RECORD feature